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Buy Premium Cannabis in Thailand

We offer premium flowers, medical cannabis and weed from legal marijuana brands and strains all harvested in Thailand. All strains available either in store at High Thai Weed (Sukhumvit Soi 33), or online for home delivery across Thailand.

Whether you’re looking for Cannabis Indica Strains to help feel relaxed, Cannabis Sativa Strains for a more uplifting high, or Cannabis Hybrid Strains which fuses sativa and indica for a more balanced feeling throughout the body, you can find all types of marijuana strains at High Thai Weed. We also have weed strains with varying THC percentages, which range between 15% and 34%.

Get your hands on the highest quality cannabis right from the heart of Thailand, conveniently delivered to your door! High Thai Weed in Bangkok offers an impressive selection of marijuana and other cannabis products, with everything from energy-boosting Sativa to calming Indica and more. Shop now for discreet delivery across Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and more – get your fix, anytime, anywhere!