Blow Thailand Smoking Lounge

Bangkok's most chill place to smoke and relax

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Bangkok's Premier Cannabis Smoking Lounge

High Thai Weed and Blow Thailand come together to offer customers a one-of-a-kind experience, and the best smoking lounge in Bangkok, where comfort meets style.

Chill out on our signature couch or one of many bean bag chairs for the ultimate smoking experience. Joints, blunts, free bong use, and even a vaporizer for the experienced are available.

Premium Entertainment & Gaming

Delight in our entertainment-rich smoking lounge in Bangkok on Soi 33, featuring large 80" screen TVs, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch for all your gaming needs.

Or, just chill and stream your favorite Netflix shows, moves, and YouTube content and make yourself at home.

Unwind with Friends & Fine Drinks

Savor a smoke at High Thai Weed's Blow Lounge, while indulging in a bottle of your choosing. Connect with friends and enjoy the relaxed ambiance of our lounge.

Whether you're a smoker or not, come enjoy the music, the vibe, and get lost at High Thai Weed smoking lounge for an afternoon or night (or both).

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